A Smarter Smart Home: Case Studies of Ambient Intelligence

This week I learnt that I (and co-author Lyn Bartram and Fred Popowich) will have a paper appearing in a future issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing (vol 12, no 1). Here is the paper abstract: Research has shown that small changes in behaviour in how we use our homes can result in substantial energy and water savings. Home automation and the integration … Continue reading A Smarter Smart Home: Case Studies of Ambient Intelligence

Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Today I finally installed my Proliphix IMT550w Network Thermostat. As you may have read in my earlier post, it was hard to find the right thermostat for my American Standard HVAC system, and it took me over 2 week to do an exhaustive search to find the IMT550. To review, I have a dual fuel … Continue reading Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Security system working with mControl via NPort

So yesterday and today I spent time installing the NPort 5250A Serial to IP Server and hooking it up to my DSC security system. After the hardware was setup, I enabled the "DSC PS" driver in mControl Service Manager and configured it with the right IP address and port. Then I added a new device in mControl … Continue reading Security system working with mControl via NPort

Insteon phase coupler installed

So I installed the SignaLinc hardwired phase coupler  and the 10A FilterLinc today and it looks like all the communication issues I was having are gone. I am still getting hop counts of 3 on some devices, but I think that may go away once I install more Insteon hardware. Related articles Insteon communication issues (eco-sustain.org)

Installing mControl v3

So the Dell Zino I ordered was delivered yesterday and finished installing all the Insteon devices. After much debate I decided to install Windows 7... Well I did not like how it turned out and today I installed Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 R2 64-bit. Much better, because most of the time the Zino will … Continue reading Installing mControl v3

Rewiring, Phase 1

I spend a good part of the day reorganizing my wiring cabinet (phase 1 of 2). Looks much better now... For the last couple of months it was looking like an apocalyptic mess after I pulled all the wire out; loose wires hung everywhere! Here is the after picture.