Branch Circuit Power Metering

Over the weekend I was busy replacing my 2 INO6200 meters with 2 DENT PowerScout 18 branch circuit power meters (BCPM). Instead on only monitoring 2 circuits (the main house and the heat pump), I can now monitor 24 different circuits! I will post a link to a real-time consumption report soon. I am having … Continue reading Branch Circuit Power Metering

Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Today I finally installed my Proliphix IMT550w Network Thermostat. As you may have read in my earlier post, it was hard to find the right thermostat for my American Standard HVAC system, and it took me over 2 week to do an exhaustive search to find the IMT550. To review, I have a dual fuel … Continue reading Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed