NILM 2016 – Workshop Program

Just a quick note: The program for NILM 2016 has now been posted at The TPC has accepted 13 papers for presentation and will the have a poster session with 12+ posters. George W. Hart (credited as being the founder of NILM research) and Lyn Bartram (world renowned eco-visualization researcher) will be our keynote speakers. The 3rd … Continue reading NILM 2016 – Workshop Program

AMPds 2 Released! (2 years of data and other fixes)

Today I am releasing AMPds 2 (The Almanac of Minutely Power Dataset - 2 Years) a new version of my internationally recognized and very popular dataset. AMPds is a dataset consisting of electricity, water, and natural gas consumption. This dataset is ideal for testing load disaggregation/NILM and eco-feedback algorithms and prototypes. A total of 1,051,200 readings for 2 years of … Continue reading AMPds 2 Released! (2 years of data and other fixes)

PhD Thesis Defence Passed!

Today at 10am I had my thesis defence. The 4 members or my supervisory committee attended in addition to an internal examiner (from SFU) and external examiner (from UBC). They all attended in person. I had a 20 minute presentation followed by questions. The whole process took about 3 hours. I received very positive feedback for … Continue reading PhD Thesis Defence Passed!

PhD Thesis Submitted for Examination

Well this morning at 9:00am I submitted my PhD Thesis for examination. Apparently the external examiner will write a report after reading it to determine if it is ready for the oral examination/defence. Here is the title, abstract, and keywords: REAL-TIME EMBEDDED LOW-FREQUENCY LOAD DISAGGREGATION      Understanding how the electrical appliances and devices in a house … Continue reading PhD Thesis Submitted for Examination

A Consumer Bill of Rights for Energy Conservation

I just learnt that the main paper I summated to IHTC was accepted titled "A Consumer Bill of Rights for Energy Conservation". Co-authors were: Laura Guzman Flores, Robyn Gill, Roger Alex Clapp, Lyn Bartram, and Bob Gill. So that is 2 papers accepted at the 2014 IEEE Canada International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC) in Montreal, Canada from June … Continue reading A Consumer Bill of Rights for Energy Conservation

Efficient Sparse Matrix Processing for Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

Yesterday I learnt that my full co-authored (with co-authors Ivan Bajic and Fred Popowich) paper "Efficient Sparse Matrix Processing for Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)" was accepted at NILM Workshop 2014. So I am headed off to Austin, Texas at the beginning of June. Here is the paper abstract: Nonintrusive load monitoring (NILM) is a process of discerning what appliances are running within a house … Continue reading Efficient Sparse Matrix Processing for Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

NILM Workshop 2014

The NILM Workshop 2014 has been announced.  From the website: "The mission of this workshop is to create a forum that can unite all the researchers that are working on the topic of energy disaggregation. The main objective of this event is to review the main types of approaches that have been explored to date to … Continue reading NILM Workshop 2014