HUE Dataset Released!

Today I am pleased to announce the release of a new public dataset called the Hourly Usage of Energy Dataset for Buildings in British Columbia (HUE). There is an accompanying paper published in Elsevier’s Data in Brief journal that describes the dataset in detail. Here is a brief summary:

Having access to long-term consumption data from multiple houses help research simulate and test systems for microgrid, off-grid communities, and alternative energy production. The HUE dataset contains donated data from residential customers of BCHydro, a provincial power utility. There are currently twenty-two houses contain within the dataset with most houses having three years of consumption history. Data was downloaded from BCHydro’s customer web porthole by each customer who then donated the data for research. Weather data from the nearest weather station and one-year of simulated solar data also included.

Are you a BCHydro customer? Donate your hourly data for research.

HUE can be freely downloaded from Harvard Dataverse: doi:10.7910/DVN/N3HGRN.

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