CarbonKit: Designing A Personal Carbon Tracking Platform

Last week I found out that a workshop paper I helped co-author with colleagues Laura Guzman and Alex Clapp was accepted for publication. Titled CarbonKit: Designing A Personal Carbon Tracking Platform, it will be published in the ACM DL and presented at the 4th International Workshop on Social Sensing on April 15, 2019 in Montreal, QC, Canada. Here is the paper abstract:

Ubiquitous technology platforms have been created to track and improve health and fitness; similar technologies can help individuals monitor and reduce their carbon footprints. This paper proposes CarbonKit – a platform combining technology, markets, and incentives to empower and reward people for reducing their carbon footprint. We argue that a goal-and-reward behavioural feedback loop can be combined with the Big Data available from tracked activities, apps, and social media to make CarbonKit an integral part of individuals’ daily lives. CarbonKit comprises five modules that link personal carbon tracking, health and fitness, social media, and economic incentives. Protocols for safeguarding security, privacy and individuals’ control over their own data are essential to the design of the CarbonKit. We use the example of the British Columbia to illustrate the regulatory framework and participating stakeholders that would be required to implement the CarbonKit in specific jurisdictions.

Keywords: behavioral change, big data, carbon footprint, personal carbon track- ing, computational sustainability, ubiquitous platform


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