SFU Postdoc Research Day to showcase cutting-edge research & technology

SFU’s Postdoc Research Day to showcase cutting-edge research & technology 

SFU postdoctoral fellows are inventors, philosophers, writers, scientists, teachers, engineers and designers.

To celebrate their accomplishments, SFU will host Postdoc Research day on March 31 at the Burnaby campus. It’s a full day of conversation, networking and discovery with postdocs who are changing the world.

SFU alumna Jennifer Gardy, senior scientist at the BC Centre for Disease Control, will give the keynote address at this year’s event. Gardy is also a regular guest host for CBC’s TV program, “The Nature of Things.” She will talk about how to find “your niche” while making yourself exceptionally marketable.

“The event provides a platform for SFU postdocs to showcase the impact of their research to the wider SFU community, who are likely unaware of the incredible initiatives they’re spearheading,” says Emma Griffiths, president of the Postdoctoral Association.

“More than that, it’s an opportunity for networking and community-building. We’re working to build a stronger postdoctoral community across all of SFU’s campuses.”
The event will include presentations from three Banting Fellowship winners:

  • Claire Battershill (English): how digitizing literary archives will allow for better understanding of publishing processes of the past.
  • Tom Flower (biology): how different species shape each other’s behaviours and can potentially fragment habitats.
  • Lianne Willems (chemistry): how cellular protein changes are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

SFU Postdoctoral presenters also include:

  • Jennie Eastcott (chemistry): designing better hydrogen fuel cells for cars.
  • Igor Boettcher (physics): a superconductor’s ability to allow current to travel without any resistance and what that can mean for power transmission.
  • Luciane Fadel (SIAT): using space and layout in relation to webpage design.
  • Medha Satish Kumar (business): her study of culture and its effect on the job market.
  • Stephen Makonin (engineering science): how Smart Meters that monitor energy consumption may not really be that smart.

The full list of presenters and a complete program will soon be announced.

The event will take place Thurs, March 31 from 9am to 5pm and is open to everyone in the SFU community. To stay updated, learn more and register, visit www.sfu.ca/postdocs/research-day-16


(This is a repost from SFU Canvas)

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