AMPds 2 Released! (2 years of data and other fixes)

Today I am releasing AMPds 2 (The Almanac of Minutely Power Dataset – 2 Years) a new version of my internationally recognized and very popular dataset. AMPds is a dataset consisting of electricity, water, and natural gas consumption. This dataset is ideal for testing load disaggregation/NILM and eco-feedback algorithms and prototypes. A total of 1,051,200 readings for 2 years of monitoring at one minute intervals. There are 21 power meters, 2 water meters, and 2 natural gas meters. Here are are the differences between version 1 and version 2 of AMPds:

  1. There are no more missing readings. The 1,000 plus readings that where missing have been added. A timestamps with a plus sign in front (e.g. +1342287840) indicate that that readings was missing before.
  2. There is an additional power meter RSE. To get the old accumulation values WHE value just do WHE = WHE – RSE.
  3. The water meter pulse reset problem has been fixed.
  4. Each CVS is formatted nicely so that the raw data can be read easily.
  5. There is a new password and more reliable downloading system. You need to email me for the new password.

Download @

I hope that AMPds can help your research be successful!

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