NILM: What an algorithm can tell you about your energy consumption

Last night I attended the 2014 IEEE Vancouver Section Annual General Meeting. What an amazing event! Leo Del Castillo the General Manager of Xbox Devices at Microsoft was the keynote speaker talking about Xbox One. The Kinect sensor is amazing!

My poster was displayed last night at the Poster Session. I tried with success to make the poster interactive and engaging. Attached to the poster is a cover that hides the NIML disaggregation chart of appliances (see poster 1). The poster was laminated so that the smart meter data chart could be marked using dry erase markers. Once the audience members finished trying to guess what appliances turned ON/OFF and when, they could open the cover to view the NILM chart (poster 2). The audience members could then compare the marked-up smart meter data chart to the NILM chart.

During the session it was very hard for audience members to guess what appliances turned ON/OFF and when. A grounp of 2 people were able to guess that the heating and kettle were ON just before 6:00pm. The poster can be downloaded here.

Keywords: load disaggregation, appliance, smart meter, energy conservation


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