Published New Dataset


I have been working very hard on my Depth Exam lately and have not had a chance to post much. Until today, when I decided that I wanted to publicly make available a 2010 dataset of a monitored home for use in research on load disaggregation, NILM (non-intrusinve load monitoring or NIALM), Smart Homes, and AAL (ambient assisted living).

This dataset contains ION6200 power meter and Digi Wall Router ambient light/temperature sensors readings; including weather and daylight data. Sensor readings were collected over a ZigBee wireless network at 15 minute intervals. The following published papers used this dataset: 2011hoa and hoa2012.

You can get this and future datasets from here:

Happy Researching!


3 thoughts on “Published New Dataset

  1. Hi,

    Great work on the data collection front, I’m always interested to read about these kind of projects. I’ve taken a quick look at your data set on github, and it looks like the only power feeds you’ve measured are the premises aggregate and the heat pump. Is this right or have I misunderstood something?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work,

  2. Yes, you are correct. There are only 2 meters in this dataset: main buswork and heat pump. This dataset is more fore AAL. The will be more datasets released soon with sub-metering. I will keep you posted.

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