The Queen of Green @ BCIT

The Queen of Green
The Queen of Green

Last Thursday (October 27th) Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki‘s Queen of Green spoke at BCIT. She presented discussion and tips on how to turn a home into a healthy and sustainable environment. Some of her tips include:

  • avoid canned foods, the can contains a BPA lining;
  • if you want people in the office to throw out less garbage, label the garbage can “landfill”;
  • the “Christmas shrimp ring” is one of the worst things to eat this holiday season;
  • when buying products think of their “end of life” , e.g. silicon (currently) cannot be recycled;
  • and there was so much more (you had to be there).

Some tips I already new about, but others where an eye opener. She also talked about the benefits of forest bathing, and idea that came out of Japan.

On another note: David Suzuki just finished airing an interesting 3 part series on nano technology on CBC. You should check out The Nano Revolution: Will Nano Save the Planet? Part 3 talks about how nano technology has the potential to clean up the environmental mess we have created.

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