Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Today I finally installed my Proliphix IMT550w Network Thermostat. As you may have read in my earlier post, it was hard to find the right thermostat for my American Standard HVAC system, and it took me over 2 week to do an exhaustive search to find the IMT550. To review, I have a dual fuel system with a 2-stage heat pump and a 2-stage, variable speed gas furnace.

I spent the last couple of weeks figuring out how my HVAC system is wired. This took some time because there where a different amount of terminals with different labels (e.g. my system labels W2 as X2, and not needed). The colouring of the wires was also different. I cautiously documented the current wiring scheme and the new wiring scheme with my new IMT550w installed. I then talked to Proliphix Support and they worked with me to come up with the right wiring scheme. Proliphix has one of the best support departments. Mark, from Proliphix Support, was knowledgeable and responded quickly to all my emails–what more could I ask for. For those of you who are interested in seeing the before and after diagram of my HVAC wiring take a look at my HVAC Wiring Scheme document.

What I like about the IMT550w is:

  1. I can read and change setting from my browser, making it easier to set up schedules;
  2. I can install additional indoor temperature sensors, providing more comfort and energy efficiency;
  3. the temperature sensors that go with the thermostat (need to order separately) are more accurate than the ACONT802;
  4. the thermostat firmware can be updated with new functionality.

3 thoughts on “Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

  1. can you comment on the reliability of the wireless functionality with this model? I’m also thinking about the identical unit, however I don’t want to be power-cycling the unit every so often to repair the connection.

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