mControl Device Drivers

I just finished having a meeting with Ted and Roger from Embedded Automation on how to write device drivers for mControl. It was great that they took some time out of their busy day to meet with me at the SFU Surrey Campus. Now that I have a handle on this I am looking to create a number of drivers that can:

  1. talk to RS485/Modbus devices, in this case my power meters;
  2. receive consumption data from the AcquiLite about water and natural gas usage;
  3. update my ambient display, Elements of Consumption.

These devices that I will be adding to mControl will allow me to start monitoring my energy consumption more closely. I will using a new service in mControl v3 to capture and store data in a database. That data will be analyzed by machine learning algorithms to find patterns of usage and to identify what appliances were used. If you are interested in learning more about this project feel free to contact me. Soon I will announce a way for anyone that uses mControl v3 to participate…

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